Production Finance

Production Finance enables manufacturers to fund their outsourced production costs.
Production services financed include a wide variety of outsourced manufacturing, processing and refining costs that add value to goods for resale.
By financing these expenses your business is able to access a new source of working capital, increasing available production levels, whilst driving sales growth.
Suitable industries include textiles and clothing, furniture, food, building materials, electronics, petroleum and any other industries where manufacturers outsource a portion of their production processes.
Funding is available prior to commencement of production, enabling your business to secure upfront payment discounts.
Importantly, your business retains the freedom and flexibility to manufacture and transport raw materials and finished goods as normal.
Production Finance is available in conjunction with other standalone finance facility.
Importantly, Production Finance is available without any requirement for real estate equity, and there is no requirement for the stock being produced to be pre-sold.
Production Finance offers approved clients:
• A revolving line of credit with facility limits ranging from $400,000 to $2.0m.
• Individual drawdowns from $50,000 and for terms ranging from 32 to 90 days.
• Funding is available inclusive of freight, customs and import duties and custom agent fees, where suitably invoiced.
• Additional term extensions are available to match the repayment to your needs on slower moving stock.
• The ability to finance all types of outsourced production processes, ranging from manufacturing, refining and processing costs that add value to goods for resale.
• No repayments until the conclusion of your nominated term.
• Clear and transparent pricing, with no annual line fees, account keeping fees or audit fees.
• Simple credit criteria and quick approvals