As an alternative to a small business loan – EFTPOS FUNDING. We provide our clients CASH by leveraging their future credit card / debit card / EFTPOS sales receipts.
For any business purpose, get paid for your EFTPOS sales NOW.
Only pay back as you make EFTPOS sales, no fixed term.
• 90% Approval Rate
• Receive funds in 10 days or less
• No fixed repayment schedule
The alternative Working Capital Solution for Your Business.

Why EFTPOS Funding is DIFFERENT from a bank
• There is no personal guarantees. If business slows down, you are not liable for what you cannot pay. If your business slows, so does your paybacks.
• Limited paperwork. We do not bombard you with mountains of paperwork that typically some of the banks require.
• The application process is simple and hassle free