What is Debtor Finance?
A Debtor Finance Facility is a simple solution that helps you improve your cash flow by providing an immediate advance of cash against your outstanding invoices.
After the facility is set up you get 80% of the value of the invoice within 24 hours
The remaining 20% being paid to you, less a small fee, once the lender receive payment from your customers. The accounting, collection and administration functions continue to be controlled by you.

How does it work?
Financing your invoices is very simple and helps you achieve reliable and stable cash flow. It can easily be integrated to your business and works as follows:
1. You deliver your product/service to your client
2. You send an invoice to your client and send a copy to us
3. Advance payment is made up to 80% of the value of the invoice
4. You get immediate use of the money to pay suppliers, taxes and employees
5. We wait to get paid by your customer
6. Once we get paid, the remaining 20% is paid to you (less a small fee )
Who can benefit?
Debtor Finance is suited to almost any small business that operates using accounts receivables, whether they are a wholesaler, manufacturer, distributor or in the service industry. Debtor Finance can be the answer to these situations:
• Growth orientated companies.
• Start-up businesses.
• Businesses which do not qualify for bank loans.
• Unable to invest in new equipment because of low cash flow.
• Unwilling to take on more debt.
• Supplier discounts out of reach due to poor cash flow.
What are the benefits?
• It’s fast; you can receive funds within 24 hours.
• Increase profits by increasing production and possibly better buying power
• Get financing without meeting the stringent lending criteria of banks.
• Take larger contracts thanks to the healthy cash flow.
• Get quick payments from debtor invoices without having to offer a discount.
• Eliminate the strain that customers’ debts and late payments have on the cash flow of the business.
• Stay ahead of the ongoing business expenses with a healthy cash flow.