Description of Product

A solution that offers you the immediate use of a vehicle for your business. We can now provide with a Chattel Mortgage – a finance product created with your business in mind.


• Terms range from 1 to 5 years
• The interest Rate is fixed for the term of the Chattel Mortgage agreement, as are your payments.
• You can make your payments via the convenient method of Direct Debit.
• Other costs associated with the purchase can be financed on the contract (such as Comprehensive Insurance, registration and on-road costs).
• Subject to credit approval, Finance can be arranged for 100% of the purchase price.
• You can have a larger final payment (balloon), subject to approval guidelines.


• Payments can be structured to suit your individual needs, with your budget and cash-flow taken into consideration.
• With a fixed interest rate you are protected against market fluctuations.
• By financing other costs and insurance you can preserve your cash for other purposes.
• Interest and depreciation are generally tax deductible.
• A balloon payment will lower your regular monthly repayments. This not only improves your cash flow, but makes your vehicle more affordable.
• Ownership of the vehicle is yours from the beginning of the agreement.

GST and Stamp duty

Payments on a Chattel Mortgage agreement are not subject to GST, nor is the balloon payment. GST may be payable on the purchase price of the vehicle and other components of the transaction. Please refer to your taxation adviser for details on planning an effective tax position for your business.